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She followed me around the round pen just like she always does but after we got out of the round pen she had NO respect at ALL for me. The vet thinks its behavioral. Eventually however one can create a horse that is willing to go with you without other horses involved. My problem is that she does not like to be groomed. Stefan took his nonviolent methods to a world Championship in Dressage

I have a month old filly that is unhandled and may have had a traumatic experience when along with her mother she was caught at eight months to be weaned and purchased by us. In a high percentage of cases regarding horses that are less than comfortable in indoor arenas it happens that they express their concerns because they had bad experiences in that building. meters and feet approx. The Queen very strongly advised me against doing that and so it didnt happen. When I came after minutes of stuff I squirted all over him. I have tried giving her a homeopathic treatment which our vet prescribed but no result. The clove hitch can be used in combination with various slip knots

It seemed to be the highlight of her trip. While I am not suggesting to you that this is what happened where this horse is concerned I am suggesting that this happens with regularity worldwide. She has continued to improve with a student of mine whom I am speaking with about every days. This includes those of us that feel we have been successful for our successes are measured only against todays competition. He is . All of this would have been a great shame. I often say that while negative consequences are essential for the student to receive instantly after negative actions. I did get him to leave and by then I was making him run around until he got tired. How do I get him to calm down especially in a canter Lots of people say I must give it time for him to be balanced but is there a way to train him I have the most amazing pony for the show ring but I have a huge problem with her she will not stand in the lineup in the ring. I think this is very much the case with young children as well. I am getting my own round pen soon would additional round pen work help usThe stallion might be distractible but generally is more trainable in a sustained session than the female and the gelding will just go on and on willing to accept training communication over much longer periods of time than the female would ever consider. My experience over the decades is that a horse like this needs more in the way of a herd. Our son Marty had been working with one for over years

The presence of the copper creates the desired moisture. This is not unusual if the pony was trained with my methods or methods similar to mine. This will take a visual lesson to help you. Your mind intrigues me and I would love to remain in communication to follow this project through. This is a relatively new adventure for me although I began my work for the military in. Put honey on one end of the stick and then begin to slide it in and out of the horses mouth. Your horse is not motivated to learn and it is your obligation to build in appropriate motivation. In the school where she rides she is asked to carry and use a whip in order to make the horse react when she can not use her legs and feet. However some of my peers and associates criticized me for liking you and said that your methods were actually harmful to horses and caused great stress. I believe that we need to help horses in every way appropriate and reasonable

Please study the language Equus and please be sensitive to the need for appropriate reward. Biting has its own chapter. This is a situation whereby an art form is in play. It is true however that virtually all teachers will agree that physical violence from one teacher affects the life of the student with all teachers. I dont ask people to accept my concepts because I explain them in a certain way nor do I request acceptance without extensive trial. When the BBC took a chance on me to document a JoinUp in the wild with an American mustang Shy Boy was closer to becoming a reality

Since he wasnt able to latch the door she flew back out of the trailer. Robert says hell take your word before anyone elses. The process called sacking out takes on several different forms as you travel around the world. Bilberry seeds citrus cranberry seeds and other sources have been added to the list of botanical material from which OPCs can be gathered

Some of them were circling around and landing again and then taking off without stopping. The racetracks and equestrian facilities of the world are full of horses which boxwalk pace or weave. One might consider taking this answer to the neighbors keeping an open mind and discussing with them options that could identify the solutions to the problems you have identified while at the same time learning a good deal about the nature of Equus. He stops. I love the sport of Reining Horses. My question Why is my horse tense tail swishing and threatens to buck when I first get on him and naps when I ask him to move offMontys Answer If your horse was a breeding stallion and has now been castrated and is still displaying the behaviour of an entire male then he must be treated as an entire male. Get well soon. Horses cannot express the same level of emotion that human beings do. For loading any horse you need a good surface that is not slippery. Obviously I looked at a lot of young horses and as I recall I was getting fairly tired and thought we probably wouldnt see the desirable prospect. I had to make a phone call to seal the deal on my discovery

It is not terribly difficult to become relatively familiar with these elements on one good evening. I watched the video and found her rolling around on the ground while the horse came up and sniffed her. Without stress in the life of animals or humans we tend to produce vegetables that are not strengthened by overcoming their natural fears. As a child I often dreamed of riding into the mountains hiding away escaping

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    The courses that I do at my farm have dramatically elevated the perception of my work globally. I have owned him for over three years now and nothing has happened to him during this time concerning trailers. Even the act of grooming is generally viewed by the horse as an intrusion as to what they perceive to be their private time to eat. Then we had to clear the fields of the uneaten branches almost daily. When she was within the ft distance of the ramp the backingup scenario started again

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Subsequent to these efforts it is advisable to extend the trips and also lengthen girthy encounters the rest period upon returning. Montys Answer I agree with virtually all statements made in this question. Id love to know whether you think Im talking rubbishVary the routine to keep it from becoming boring or something the horse may begin to anticipate girthy encounters like he used to anticipate charging back to the barn before

Please do not consider me some kind of genius because Im not. girthy encounters But that is no proof I just wanted to mention it

I look forward to helping you with this project. Isolation is an important factor in the early stages of catching. Extend your hand that is now holding the long line coils to well in front of the horse to help you influence the horse to girthy encounters change direction

Being too close can also cause the horse to stop and be unwilling to go forward. But girthy encounters the first step is to stop feeding from the hand

Whips girthy encounters can be extremely helpful to the rider who is physically challenged. An acceptable water obstacle either manufactured or natural that doesnt have a stony or exceedingly marshy bottom

In general once he has joinedup he is very relaxed holds his head in a lowered position and girthy encounters licks and chews. I like this horse and want to feel safe wherever I ride. I read all your books

My husband adopted a yo paint girthy encounters gelding El Nino and a girthy encounters yo quarter horse mare Sugar from a friend with cancer who could no longer keep her horses. It is amazing to me how little our training procedure had changed for around years. Even though I have been a professional in the horse business virtually all of my life I would now greatly prefer to ride and handle a gelding

There are many opportunities for education today and if we get good information we will produce good results. How girthy encounters do stallions he is now a gelding know a foal is theirs Does JoinUp work girthy encounters with really wild horsesRound pens have been constructed of many different materials logs planks stones or even tires